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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of liability insurance do you have?
A: Mobile Climb USA is fully insured. We would be happy to provide our certificate of insurance upon request.

Q: How much floor space will you need?
A: The footprint of our wall is approximately 8’x16′. It is completely free standing and self sufficient. We prefer to set up our walls on grass, blacktop or cement. We would like to have a 20′ x 20′ space to work on-Indoors or Outdoors with no overhanging power lines. The Rock Jumper requires the space dimension of a triangle – 50 ft. at the base and 30 ft. at its height.

Q: How tall is your mobile climbing wall and how much does it weigh?
A: Our climbing walls are close to 30 ft. tall and weigh 3500lbs.

Q: What is your climbing wall made of?
A: Our climbing walls are made from a patented poly-vinyl-ester resin that is abrasive resistant. Our handholds are weather resistant and are compliant with Climbing Wall Industry Group (CWIG).

Q: How safe is your climbing wall?
A: Safety is our number one priority. We have never had an accident on any of our climbing walls. We use the best equipment in the industry. We use a patented redundant auto-belay safety system for our steel cables that can handle over 9300 lbs each. This is the same auto-belay system that our own military uses. Our hydraulic system is fully redundant and completely fail safe. Our professionally trained staff is always there to guide you and help you along the way.

Q: What are your power requirements?
A: No power is required for our premier walls. However, if you are planning on climbing at night, then you need power for lights to light up the area. The Rock Jumper does require power from a standard outlet. A generator can be provided for an additional fee.

Q: How long does it take to put up your wall?
A: We can raise our premier walls up in less than 15 minutes with just a push of a button. The Rock Jumper requires a minimum of 45 minutes

Q: How many climbers can climb your wall?
A: We can handle up to 4 climbers simultaneously with over 1200 lbs. in total climbing weight with winds up to 30 mph. The Rock Jumper accommodates 6 individuals(4 climbing and 2 air jumping).

Q: Who can climb your wall?
A: We can accommodate all ages and abilities. We have had customers from 3 yrs. old to close to 90 yrs. old. We prefer weights from 40 lbs. to 250 lbs.

Q: What is the price for just the “Extreme Air Jumper”?
A: It is the same price as the rockwall. We charge $200-$300 per hour depending on your non profit or for profit status..

Q: Who can go on the Extreme Air Jumper?
A: Most anyone, however we prefer an ideal weight of 45lbs to 200lbs.

Q: Can I just rent one extreme air jumper with the rock wall. What would the price and space requirement be?
A: Yes, you can. The space requirement would be 25’ x 30’. The price would be the price of the rock wall plus an additional fee of $300 for the extreme air jumper.

Q: How safe is the Extreme Air Jumper?
A: Extremely safe! Unlike other jumpers, the Extreme Air Jumper does not utilize bungee cords or rubber bands that can snap or break.

Q: What are the benefits of rock climbing?
A: The Benefits of Rock Climbing:

It’s a whole body workout!
Rock climbing works your legs, shoulders, arms, core, and more. It’s a dynamic muscle exercise. This means your muscles are exercised because they are flexed for extremely long periods of time

It’s co-ed friendly!
Both guys and girls can enjoy the sport because most of climbing is not about size. It’s about technique and leg strength.

It’s functional fitness!
You’re not at a gym, sitting on a bench performing lat pull-downs. You are performing real pull-downs with the rocks ahead of you!

It’s core fitness!
You use your abs and lower back to stabilize you, maintain positioning and provide strength.

It’s a mind game!
Each climb requires the ability to assess a problem, look for a solution and then execute a plan is required.