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Air Jumping

Our “Extreme Rock Jumper”

Our combination rock wall and air jumper called the “Extreme Rock Jumper” is our most popular unit today. It is also utilizes state-of-the-art auto-belay technology for climbing with the addition of 2 sling-shots that catapult individuals up to 25’ in the air allowing them to do flips, spins, and other extreme moves. It was voted Best New Product in our entertainment industry and is in a class in itself. This is the perfect unit for a large crowd with limited space and a limited budget. It has been extremely popular with company picnics, street fairs, and special events. The “Extreme Rock Jumper” allows 4 individuals to climb and 2 more on the “Air Jumper”, allowing the unit to entertain 6 individuals simultaneously. The space requirements for the “Extreme Rock Jumper” is 30’ x 50’ with minimal power requirement.